The Most Advanced Remote & Indicator

The new WC3-D indicator with built-in on-board controller and multi-function remote control allows the operator more control than ever before.The remote gives you the ability to auto dispense door 1 or door 2 when transporting multiple seed varieties, both doors at the same time for aquick unload, or alternate between door 1 and 2 to unload the tender evenly for a stable load during transport. The new remote can speed up theconveyor for fast unloads or slow down the conveyor to gently transfer easily damaged seeds. The talc speed can also be managed wirelessly orwith the on-board controller at an output rate of 1/2 to 40 cups per minute, while being dispensed proportionately to the speed of the conveyor toreduce talc waste. Take the control even further with engine start and stop, wireless tarp control and auto bin tracking. For the most advancedindicator and remote in the industry, choose the J&M WC3-D indicator and remote.

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Round Bar Soil Conditioner Baskets


Optional double 13” Round Bar baskets feature 7/8” diameter steel that flattens and firms the soil for best seed to soil contact. This design creates a very firm seedbed in any soil type.

Optional 13" serrated and 13" round bar the serrated basket chops and lifts the soil then the round bar basket flattens?and firms?the soil, which makes a firmer seed bed. Best in cloddy field conditions.


Other Basket Options:

All standard torsion-flex conditioners feature double 13” diameter baskets that are designed with 3/8” thick by 2” tall steel slats for maximum life. A 13” diameter basket will produce greater rotational speed for more aggressive ground contact (ideal for harder soil types). 16” baskets are designed with 3/8” thick by 3” tall steel slats. A 16” diameter basket will pull easier with less horsepower and float over soft, sandy, loamy soils. A 13” and 16” combination basket features a 16” diameter front basket that allows it to float over the ground without digging in, even in soft conditions. The rear 13” basket rotates at a higher rpm and allows the serrated cutting blades to make contact at two different points, unlike basket combinations of the same size. Two different points of ground contact work the same amount of ground in one pass as a soil conditioner with matching size baskets in two passes.


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